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A Powerful 4-Part Series
to Reduce Inflammation

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Inflammation —
Happening from the Inside Out


We’re living in a fast-moving world with many stressors.

Has any of the latest news made you upset or feel anxious? Perhaps you feel more concerned about your well-being, family, or community. Maybe you have more significant stress due to changes in your work or home environments related to world events such as the pandemic and the after “shocks” with new ways of living. Changes in your life can create stress. Stress causes a release of a chemical hormone called, Cortisol, which is the main culprit in producing inflammation in your body, causing illness and possibly disease. 

Anxiety and concern are stressors on your body, and there are other types of stressors surrounding you in your workplace and home which you may overlook. Chemicals in the air, your food, water, and personal health care products can intensify this inflammation process. Maybe you take medications that contain chemicals that can create more stress and inflammation in your system, primarily affecting your liver and brain health. Perhaps, like me, you are not aware of inflammation until an injury or diagnosis appears!

Debra Reis Clinical Nurse Specialist

Stress causes inflammation

How Do You Know if You Are in the State of Inflammation?

There are obvious signs of redness, swelling, and discomfort seen after a trauma or injury, but we don’t always recognize internal signs of inflammation.

Many experts believe the root of chronic inflammation begins in the gut. Stomach bloating, indigestion, constipation, and reflux are a few early signs that you are in a state of inflammation. These are related to the body, primarily the liver, unable to clear the toxins moving through the digestive system.

Other concerns that may indicate internal inflammation include high cholesterol, weight gain (especially in your midsection), skin condition, and allergies. These all relate to a “fire” within you and your liver being under a burden it cannot manage to clear, so symptoms manifest and fester within the body. 

Chronic pain, joint stiffness, nerve issues also have their root concern as inflammation! Internal injury or constant irritation of a nerve or joint can lead to inflammation, pain, and contribute to a continuous cycle.

Debra Reis Clinical Nurse Specialist - Reduce Inflammation
Reduce Your Inflammation with Debra Reis

Debra Reis | Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Aromatherapist

My Inflammation Story


About ten years ago, I faced a health challenge that included skin irritation and abnormal lab values leading to an endocrine-related diagnosis. Through research and study, I discovered my abnormal lab values were probably related to my 20-year exposure to solvents found in cleaning solutions used in hospital settings where I worked as a nurse. In addition, my health was being hindered by the stressors of moving, working full time with active family life. Medications were prescribed for my diagnosis, but I knew something more serious was happening within my body. This was my wake-up call!

Living a hectic life created stress, releasing cortisol, creating inflammation in my gut and liver. How did I know? The lab values of my high cholesterol and low thyroid were the leading indicators. 

How did I feel? Great! I kept up with work, home life with active children, going back to school, and more. My busy lifestyle meant eating more fast foods, reducing exercise, and meditation. At first, the symptoms were very subtle - skin rash and minor digestive issues. Researching helped me realize that my symptoms could indicate something more serious. I had to take action.

Debra Reis Chakra Healing Online Course

"You spent a great deal of time and effort compiling this valuable information. I had no idea that we treat inflammation with “band-aids“ most of the time instead of finding the root cause of the problem. Thankfully, you have done that and given us some terrific ideas, recipes, and systematic investigation techniques that provide solutions for all individuals as different as we all are."

 Clarence Burge


Evidence Brings Confidence!

I was interested in holistic principles and began to study different modalities and how to include them in my life and practice as a nurse. I discovered the correlation of diet, exercise, and relaxation is essential to cool the flame within. 


I found aromatherapy and began to review the research related to inflammation. Several essential oils act as anti-inflammatory agents based on their naturally occurring chemical constituents.
Well, this got me even more excited! Chemistry, science, and the evidence of essential oils acting like medications. Wow! A whole new world opened up for me.
Based on the evidence, I started using a couple of essential oils for my specific concerns. My health situation got better based on my energy and improved lab results. My confidence became more remarkable, and I shared more with my friends and colleagues.
In my travels of teaching and sharing, I found many people with the same or similar concerns as mine. The information shared in the inflammation course has been a help for several people giving them balance and well-being.

This experience and evidence led to the development of the
Cool the Flame - a 4 part series to Reduce Inflammation program.

Debra Reis Reduce inflammation that causes disease

Cool the Flame — A Powerful 4-Part Series
to Reduce Inflammation

 You will learn:

* How the cycle of stress and inflammation leads to acute and chronic health conditions 

* Strategies you can use quickly and effectively to reduce the harmful effects of stress and chemicals within your environment

* About the Liver connection to hormones that can show up as skin concerns, thyroid issues, and allergies when you are in inflammation

* Brain concerns related to inflammation such as memory loss, brain fog, and more severe conditions

* Powerful ways to break the pain/inflammation cycle

* Specific essential oils that can reduce inflammation for target areas of the body along with specific ways to use them

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Debra Reis Chakra Healing Online Course

“The integrative therapy training has made a positive impact on our resident care. The staff now understands why the holistic approach is more beneficial for residents, families, and staff as opposed to stronger anti-psychotic drug use. They now have the knowledge, techniques, and tools to use to be able to provide a calm and comfortable living environment for our residents, which at times can be a challenge when assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementias. Everyone had fun with the training, and all had great things to say about the content and Deb’s presentation style. Everyone was engaged and eager to put what they learned into practice.”

Deanna Jones, Activities Assistant/STNA/Certified Dementia Practitioner | The ProMedica Goerlich Center


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Debra Reis Chakra Healing Online Course

“Deb Reis, R.N. is highly recommended. Deb gives the essential oil classes a science flair and a fresh style. For those needing professional credits, our community greatly appreciated her accredited course for nurses. They contained great information, and the feedback all validated her excellent teaching style.”

Connie McDanel


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