Supportive Therapy Engagement Program —
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Debra Reis - Supportive Therapy Engagement Program

Providing busy healthcare professionals quick and effective holistic strategies such as relaxation therapy,
aromatherapy, and gentle movement to uplift your patients, your team, and yourself!

Harmony Begins
With Self-Care

Are you a busy nurse or health professional spending your time caring for others at home and work but having little time for your self-care?

You may have explored supportive therapies such as relaxation but found little or no time to integrate it into your life.

You know your patients could benefit from holistic therapies but how are you going to find that time? You may barely have space to get in the required interventions which can leave you frustrated and weary. This increased frustration can cause job dissatisfaction and burnout.

To compound your stress, our national regulating agencies are highly recommending that we incorporate non-pharmacological interventions for conditions like pain management, anxiety, and other health-related concerns. 

Non-pharmacological interventions


Where do you begin? 

Begin with You!

You and I know self-care is important. Often, we find ourselves ignoring our care to make sure others' needs are met. Are you aware that if you continue to ignore your self-care, then greater stress
and imbalance can occur in your life? 

In a survey published in Dec 2019 before COVID, about 25% of healthcare workers reported depression
and anxiety while 45% identified being in a state of stress.

Since the pandemic, stress levels have more than tripled in healthcare providers. During June - September of 2020, it was identified that 86% of healthcare workers, primarily nurses, reported anxiety and 93% stated they were in a state of stress. Also, 76% complained of feeling exhausted and burned out. This is concerning healthcare administrators who may be facing upcoming shortages in nursing and other health-related fields due to the stress impact physically, emotionally and system functioning.

Burnout is Real ... and Avoidable

As the pandemic concerns lift, do you think the stress on your body and mind goes away? No! There is long proven research that people may not feel the full effect of stress on their system for 6-12 months after the event. For many of us, this stress time has been very prolonged.
Let’s face it, stress is not new to us as nurses or healthcare providers. The pandemic heightened this awareness of our stress-filled lives but many of us did not receive coping interventions that fit into our busy lifestyles. 
We do know that lack of self-care and renewal can lead to frustration and health concerns.
When you don't have immediate coping resources, you risk frustration and burnout, leading to health concerns for you. If you're feeling depleted, how can you be effective in providing care for others?
It’s well known that nurse burnout and job frustration lead to turnover. High nurse turnover adds greater stress on remaining team members to pick up the extra burden. This cycle can be slowed down and even avoided with supportive therapy tools that you can use in 5 minutes or less.
Yes, 5 minutes or less!

“There’s No Time for Holistic Therapies” Is Hogwash!

The argument that it takes too much time or too much education to implement holistic modalities in stress-filled environments is NOT true. It’s proven that supportive therapies such as relaxation and aromatherapy can calm a chaotic situation in minutes!

You are important!

The care you provide to others is critical and necessary for healthcare organizations to survive!
There is a better and more enjoyable way!

CAM Healthcare Improve Outcomes

There Are Options

Nurses and other healthcare providers started asking about how to integrate alternative and complementary options. They were hungry for holistic solutions that were fast and easy to implement but also powerful enough to improve outcomes.


This is why I developed the Supportive Therapy Engagement Program (S.T.E.P.) — A signature program packed with science-based tools and techniques that bring peace and balance to the caregiver and those they care for in 5 minutes or less.

Compliancy is Covered with S.T.E.P.

National regulating agencies are requesting options besides narcotics for pain management. More and more organizations are looking for natural alternatives to meet these demands.

The S.T.E.P. principles provide effective solutions.  

S.T.E.P. will meet the recommendations being requested from national organizations, insurance companies, and accreditation groups for healthcare organizations. 

All of the pertinent research has been conducted and incorporated into S.T.E.P. for you. It will give you the confidence you need to share with others, using expedited and simplified delivery.

It's my goal to ensure that your organization will be able to seamlessly implement the program so that you can start improving everything from pain scores to staff morale fast.

In S.T.E.P., you will learn:

  • Relaxation Techniques such as visualization, heart meditation, and energy balance
  • Aromatherapy including how to use for immune balance, brain health, and emotional well-being
  • Gentle Movement Therapies like Nia fitness, Ageless Grace, Imaginal Body, and Sounding to your energy and healing
Supportive Therapy Engagement Program with Debra Reis
There's strong evidence to support these complementary modalities. Benefits include pacifying anxiety, reducing pain and nausea, and providing a sense of balance for patients and healthcare workers alike. You'll discover the ins and outs of these modalities. Plus, will be able to confidently practice on yourself or guide others on a daily basis. 

Why wait?

Be a part of the progressive well-being movement today!

S.T.E.P. (Full Pay)


  • Signature program with 24/7 online access
  • Support printables
  • Expert interviews
  • Meditations, visualizations, and practical demo's
  • Policy and procedure guidance
  • A private Community group for continued support
  • 24 Contact Hours for Nurses


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S.T.E.P. (Pay Plan)

$1,100 x 3

  • Signature program with 24/7 online access
  • Support printables
  • Expert interviews
  • Meditations, visualizations, and practical demo's
  • Policy and procedure guidance
  • A private Community group for continued support
  • Convenient payment plan
  • 24 Contact Hours for Nurses
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Addressing the Whole Person Through a Holistic Lens —

Here's a peek into this complementary alternative medicine program:


Debra Reis CAM program

Module 1 —
Physical Well-Being

  • The power of intentional touch as a quick relaxation tool to benefit you and your patients in 5 minutes or less.
  • Practical experiences from experts on how to integrate this modality in the clinical setting.
  • Creating hand sanitizers without chemicals using essential oils that support your immune system.
  • Gentle movement of Nia + the 5 Stages of Healing.
Debra Reis CAM program

Module 2 —
Mental Health 

  • Mental healing and relaxation with visualization and guided imagery with tools to use in 5 minutes or less!
  • Cooling the brain flame with essential oils specific for brain health.
  • Experiential with brain balance meditation with aromatherapy.
  • Ageless Grace and its research for brain neuroplasticity = healthy aging.
Debra Reis CAM program

Module 3 —  Emotional Balance

  • Relaxation tools specific for heart balance and rationale.
  • Aromatherapy that targets heart balance related to the chemistry of the essential oils.
  • Aromatic blends to create for the emotional heart.
  • Imaginal body movement - imagery in motion for healing and peace.
Debra Reis CAM program

Module 4 —
Spiritual Upliftment 

  • Sacred geometry and how it connects with mind-body healing.
  • Spiritual aromatherapy and the history for why certain oils have a connection for “Divine” communication.
  • Breath-Movement-Sound connection with the energy centers of your body. Learn why “sound healing” is considered the medicine of the future.

Putting the Program into Clinical Practice with Ease

  • Implementing supportive services in your unit/department quickly
  • Guidelines for aromatherapy and relaxation therapy policies and procedures
  • Specific ways to use aromatherapy in your setting along with practical examples
  • Safety consideration for the modalities you wish to implement
  • Ideas for staff engagement in your program

Practical Resources that Support You
Every Step of the Way

  • Scripts for meditations
  • Audios for visualizations and guided imagery for yourself or to help others. 
  • Quick videos to help guide you in creating and using aromatherapy in your practice safely and with confidence. , 
  • Specific essential oils are provided along with the evidence to support your immune health, brain health, and much more. 
  • Learn specific movement tips to help you stay flexible and energized in 5 minutes or less. Discover how to use gentle movement exercises in the clinical setting for your patients along with the rationale.
  • Interviews with experts in the field 
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You can't always get away from the stress of your environment, but you can control how you react. We are dealing with many unknown challenges in our fast-paced healthcare systems. You must have effective holistic tools to help you and those you care for.
S.T.E.P. will show you how to use these awesome modalities with confidence and expertise. This evidence-based program is invaluable to include in your department.

Participant Feedback

Have a listen to the testimonial from Anita Groeschke.

Anita is an MSN, RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, and Clinical Aromatherapist. Her practice includes geriatric patients and she relates that her patients are having great improvement in flexibility and well-being with the Ageless Grace movement. “They can be silly and feel better.”

As a clinical nurse specialist and certified clinical aromatherapist, I feel that sharing self-care (or stress management) tools for healthcare providers are the foundation for change in our organizations. If you are not able to find balance and peace in your life, then how can you be an advocate and positive presence for others? 

A long time ago, one of my mentors said to me, “you can’t give unless you’re filled.” That message has resonated with me even today. It’s a message that is important to you, the healthcare nurse, and the provider. Without you, healthcare does not exist! 

There is a better and more enjoyable way!

Get ready to implement supportive care treatments in your department/unit with guidelines and documents to get you started quickly and earn continuing education credits! 

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Debra Reis - Supportive Therapy Engagement Program

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“The integrative therapy training has made a positive impact on our resident care. The staff now has a better understanding of why the holistic approach is more beneficial for residents, families and staff opposed to stronger anti-psychotic drug use. They now have the knowledge, techniques and tools to use to be able to provide a calm and comfortable living environment for our residents, which at times can be a challenge when assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementias. Everyone had fun with the training class and all had great things to say about the content and Deb’s presentation style as well. Everyone was engaged and eager to put what they learned into practice.”

– Deanna Jones, Activities Assistant/STNA/Certified Dementia Practitioner, The ProMedica Goerlich Center

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Participant Feedback

LaVerne Curtis relates that S.T.E.P. is wonderful for all ages and conditions. She has discovered the benefits of Gentle Movement for flexibility and brain health; Aromatherapy for joint mobility and skincare; and Relaxation Techniques for overall well-being.