Aromatherapy for Healthy Living

Discover options to confidently implement essential oils into your health plan
to reduce everyday stressors and toxins.

The Silent Killer That Surrounds
Us Everyday

We’re exposed to chemicals and synthetics in our air, food, water, and health products. Are you concerned about the constant chemical exposure and the potentially detrimental effects it can have on your health?

Fact — There is an increased number of people being diagnosed with immune-compromised conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and cancer.

Chemical manufacturers don’t have to show safety before products come to market. In the US, the FDA bans 11 chemicals that cannot be used in products like cosmetics and supplements. On the contrary, European law bans over 1300 chemicals from personal use products and supplements. Can you believe the difference?!?

Healthcare Alternatives CAM

Once you're aware, there's no turning back!

The Facts Are Astonishing and
There Is Another Way

Research from the National Academy of Sciences has determined that environmental factors contribute to 28% of developmental disorders in children. This information is not so prevalent in the media. It shows that children are at greater risk and currently facing greater health challenges than found in previous generations. 1 in 6 children has developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism, and mental retardation. Childhood obesity has doubled over the past 10 years. Childhood asthma has more than doubled since 1980.
The main culprit identified is environmental toxicity such as chemicals found in our work, home, and everyday products. (Including what we use for first aid.)
Natural Alternatives for Health

When I Found Myself Facing
a Health 

I discovered my abnormal lab values were most likely related to exposure to solvents found in cleaning solutions often used in hospital settings. At the time, I also used household cleaning products with chemicals. Also, my health was being hindered by the stressors of moving, maintaining my job, and family life.

My health provider’s advice included products with more synthetics. This was a wake-up call! I felt that there had to be a better way. I didn’t feel comfortable taking medications for symptoms when the root problem/concern was unknown. I went into an investigative mode to discover the “why?”

Why were these symptoms presenting? My research pointed to toxin buildup in my body. I knew I wanted a more natural remedy to bring balance to my system that was being challenged!

It’s Time For a Change

Traditional medicine stresses how important synthetic first aid products are for symptom relief. What they neglect to share is how repeated exposure to harmful synthetics has shown to cause serious health challenges. This is not acceptable.

If you’re in the healthcare field and/or are a caregiver, I’m guessing that you want to find other options. Alternatives that will limit the exposure of harmful chemicals.

You Have Options to Protect Yourself from Everyday Toxins + Stressors

Essential oils were one of the first medicines. Their therapeutic properties are cited in ancient texts including the Bible. Ancient people didn’t know about germs and the immune system but they did know about using aromatherapy and herbs. In fact, many medications were derived from plant substances. Essential oils contain constituents that prove to balance our mind, body, and spirit. Evidence shows positive results in managing stress, anxiety, pain, and other first-aid concerns.

Safeguarding Against the 
Mis-use of Essential Oils

The use of aromatherapy is becoming very popular. Even the people we care for are using essential oils. Unfortunately, many people are using these products in an unsafe manner. Guiding plans of care may be challenging when you aren’t familiar with essential oil action or their quality. 

Not all essential oils are created equal! Most essential oil products contain synthetics or have been altered from their source. The quality and safety of your essential oils are very important if you wish to use them for everyday wellness and general first aid (Buckle, 2015). Otherwise, you may be adding to the toxic buildup in your system and potential illness or health concerns. 

Learning this, I began to study aromatherapy history and reviewed the research. I started using a couple of essential oils for my specific concerns based on the evidence. My health situation began to improve. I had greater energy and other beneficial changes which my lab results confirmed. My confidence became greater and I started to share more with friends and colleagues who excitedly related how the different oils helped their first aid needs.

That’s when I decided to share all my knowledge and research in a program that was accessible 24/7 worldwide. As a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, the safety and correct practice of essential oils is really important to me. Aromatherapy for Healthy Living was developed to guide you to choose and use essential oils with confidence for yourself and those you give care to.

Aromatherapy for Healthy Living by Debra Reis, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy for Healthy Living

There is a better way to complement a health plan with essential oils and avoid more synthetic exposure. 

This course will give you the foundation for using essential oils in a healthy way. Whether your "healing practice" is for yourself, your family or a professional business, you’ll walk away with a practical experience that you can benefit from every day.

You will learn:
  • The history, quality, uses, and safety of essential oils
  • How essential oils support the balance of physical and emotional concerns (including stress management)
  • How to use carrier oils and aromatic waters to optimize aromatherapy
  • How to create powerful blends that are easy and effective
  • Additional healing techniques using essential oils
  • To speak with confidence to provide advice to clients personally using essential oils in their plan of care

Easy and Accessible Learning

  • Receive immediate online access 24/7 access
  • Enjoy our user-friendly state-of-the-art learning management system
  • Go at your own pace and review any time to guide plans and actions
  • Get full access to all videos, slides, research, and support printables
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Debra Reis Clinical Nurse Specialist | Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

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Debra Reis Clinical Nurse Specialist | Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Use Essential Oils with Confidence!

Easy Remedies to Manage Health Challenges Naturally

Julia W, Temperance, MI

“I love Deb’s classes on essential oil topics. She brings in so much information! The Aromatherapy for Healthy Living course allows me to have this information at my fingertips and to review it at my own pace. I can return to different lessons anytime. So easy!” 

Real People — Real Results

Sleep Improved

Lori found better sleep habits with diffusing Lavender and Cedarwood at bedtime. 

Itching Relieved

George obtained relief from poison ivy using lavender and jojoba oil.

Swelling Reduced

Robin found her post-surgery bruising and swelling were relieved with Lavender and Peppermint mixed with jojoba and applied around the site. 

Comfort Found

Ed found comfort in using Frankincense oil after dropping a work tool on his foot.

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Meet Your Mentor


Debra Reis is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

She specializes in holistic health and supportive therapies including aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, and gentle movement therapies.

She is the director and an instructor for the Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy program for the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy and a nationally known expert in the area of essential oils for cancer care.

Deb has a gift for making complex information easy to understand and integrate into practice.

Aromatherapy | Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Debra Reis is passionate about using holistic modalities like aromatherapy to improve health and well-being.

Connie McDanel Bermidji, MN

"Debra Reis, R.N. is highly recommended. You will love her essential oil introductory classes and her expansion classes. They are thorough, informative, and keep the audience interested all the way to the end. I love when the audience members leave saying how they wished their friend would have come or that they have lots of information they are excited to share with others. Deb gives a science fair and a fresh style to the essential oil classes. For those needing professional credits, our community greatly appreciated her accredited class for nurses also. They contained outstanding information and the feedback all validated her excellent teaching style.” 

Participant Feedback

Nicole is a licensed massage therapist and physical therapist assistant who uses supportive therapies with her daughters.

Aromatherapy, massage, yoga, meditation, and other integrative care modalities have been helpful for her 8-year-old daughter recovering from a brain tumor.