Mom & Me — Essentials Oils for First Aid

Gain confidence in using essential oils safely with children for general first aid.

Essential oils are a wonderful tool for a health plan, even with children.


However, how do you know you are using aromatherapy safely?


If you are like me, you want to use products that will be safe for your family. You wish to be confident in choosing a specific essential oil for a basic first aid concern.


Yet, you’re a busy mom - managing home, schedules, maybe outside work too. It can be overwhelming to discover the right information to use aromatherapy safely.


Let’s face it - the internet will take you down a rabbit hole quickly leaving you more confused and frustrated!

Debra Reis Aromatherapy First Aid for Kids

Increasing Concerns on Chemicals in Popular Products for Children


Have you ever read the ingredients in products used on your children?


Several ingredients have officially been classified as “hazardous.” Many baby lotions, eye drops, cleaning solutions, and more have chemicals as part of their formula. Less than a quarter of the chemicals used in toiletries and cleaning products have been subjected to a full safety investigation (


It’s a known fact, chemicals that have been banned in other areas of the world such as Europe are still commonly used in thousands of household products in the United States.


Many commercial products contain synthetic ingredients that may be harmful, especially to small children.

When I discovered this information, I became more determined to find healthier products for my family. I began to research and explore how to use aromatherapy for children, how to dilute for safety, and how to obtain the best essential oil for the concerns of my child/grandchild.


What did I find out!?


The good news is —These chemically-based products can be replaced with natural alternatives! Yahoo!

Debra Reis Certified Aromatherapist



Learn How To Use Essential Oils with Children Safely and Effectively


You want the best for your family without using synthetics and chemically-laden products.


Mom & Me — Essential Oils for First Aid, gives you quality and usable information to get started immediately. Gain knowledge and skills to use essential oils with children along with proper dilutions for safety and well-being. Case examples are provided that will help you to relate to your own personal and/or professional practice. 


If you get distracted while viewing or need more clarification - no problem. Come back and review the training at any time! You will receive handouts that you can print and have nearby which include recipes and ideas for specific concerns with children. This can be a very important tool when you need to act quickly with an injury or basic first aid problem to your child.

Mom & Me - Essential Oils for First Aid Online Class Gives Quick and Valuable Information Immediately!


You will receive information and rationale on how to use aromatherapy with your child/grandchild. You will -


  • Relate how to use essential oils with first aid concerns especially with children so that you will know when to use inhalation, diffusion, or topical applications. 


  • List 5 essential oils that can be used for basic first aid along with their benefits for all ages so that you will know which oil(s) may best be used for a specific problem AND how to use that oil. For example, one common essential oil can provide relaxation however too much of that essential oil can actually promote hyperactivity! 


  • Discuss how to dilute essential oils with carrier oils for safety, especially with children so that you will have confidence in applying aromatherapy to your child/grandchild.

Easy and Accessible Learning

  • Receive immediate online access 24/7 access

  • Enjoy our user-friendly state-of-the-art learning management system

  • Go at your own pace and review any time to guide plans and actions

  • Get full access to all videos, slides, research, and support printables

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Meet Your Mentor

Hi, my name is Deb.


I’m a mom and grandma with a passion for finding natural health remedies for everyday wellness and basic first aid.


I’m a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist with over 25 years in holistic nursing. I really love nursing. However, there was a point where I found myself struggling. I was going back to school, raising a family, and trying to integrate kids' soccer games, swim meets, and trying to stay connected with family and friends. I managed but found little time to feed my soul and felt something was missing in healthy practice with my family.


I began to explore supportive therapies such as aromatherapy and had fun integrating them into my life and with my family. I am continually amazed at how plants and essential oils bring balance and healing for myself and my family.
Debra Reis, First Aid for Children using Essential Oils
Debra Reis, Approved CE Provider

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