Chakra Healing

Learn How To Balance Your Chakras For Whole Body Healing

Chakras and Your Healing 


Have you ever felt stuck or noticed you hold concerns in specific areas of your body?

For example, I have troubles in my lower back and recently noticed discomfort in my hip. Those issues correlate with my second chakra. The second or sacral chakra is about creativity and relationships. So, I’m implementing the tools from Chakra Healing, such as specific movement and sound, to guide the healing and balance of my sacral chakra.

One of my students, Kathy, shared about the past injuries that she struggled with. Concerns about her lower body include twisting her knee while skiing, breaking her ankle when dancing, and chronic foot problems. These concerns are how her body was “speaking” to her “Hey, pay attention - balance needed!” In the Chakra Healing course, Kathy discovered her root chakra needed healing, and she uses strategies to heal her root chakra daily to keep her in balance.

Debra Reis Chakra Healer

Balance Your Chakras, Feel Better, Earn CEs

Chakra Balance for Overall Healing

Do you have a reoccurring physical ailment? Or, would you like to feel more energized and aligned? Is it time to prioritize your well-being in this time of chaos and uncertainty?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may benefit from discovering more about your chakras, how they impact your healing, and ways or techniques to heal your body with the Chakra Healing course.


I’ve personally experienced how powerful balancing the chakras can be and have helped others improve their health and well-being with Chakra Healing. 


You can balance your chakras and bring healing to your entire being. If you have a concern that often affects a specific area of your body, it’s helpful to explore the chakra that governs that area and ways to bring it in balance. 


Energy centers or chakras lie throughout your body. Most of the research and history relate to the 7 major chakras that lie in the center of the body. Each chakra correlates with color, sound, movement, and more. The Chakra Healing course guides you with various tools that you can experience to bring you balance and well-being.

Debra Reis Chakra Balance

Chakra Healing is a one-of-a-kind
8-session program.


You will learn:

  • About each of the 7 chakras and how it correlates with your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • The connection between chakras and their specific color to magnify healing benefits
  • Integrative aromatherapy per chakra to enhance a full-body experience
  • Unique sound meditation and correlated movements that tie into each chakra center
  • Specific meditation practice for each chakra
  • Ways to assist your healing journey via support printables that you can refer to any time and anywhere
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 ChakraDancer with Essential Oils course as a BONUS!


Let yourself go deeper into the chakra experience with healing through movement and aromatherapy.


ChakraDancer with Essential Oils will change the way you view exercise and self-care. This unique combination of using essential oils in conjunction with your energy centers (chakras) + fluid movement is guaranteed to energize your mind, body, and spirit for a truly holistic experience.


I provide essential oil suggestions for each chakra. 🌸


Don't have essential oils on hand? No worries - visualizing or inviting the essence of that aroma into your practice will be equally effective.

Easy and Accessible Learning

  • Receive immediate online access 24/7 access

  • Enjoy our user-friendly state-of-the-art learning management system

  • Go at your own pace and review any time to guide plans and actions

  • Get full access to all videos, slides, research, and support printables

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My Story to Chakra Healing


I started to practice as an RN by age 21. I valued my role and respected the healing shared with others. I loved critical care nursing and remembered one day having an epiphany of sorts and clearly saying to myself - 'there has to be more to nursing than putting the pieces back together and giving medications.' I knew I was doing more than that, but my life felt consumed with some of the politics of healthcare. 

"Ask the question, and the answer appears." Have you heard that phrase before? I asked the question - there has to be more to nursing  — well, holistic therapies and principles started to come to me. Therapeutic Touch was the first therapy to come to my awareness. I wasn’t sure about energy healing, but something kept me going back for more. Guided to Healing Touch, I found a more robust understanding of the chakras and how they affect our overall well-being. Later, I was introduced to aromatherapy discovering ways to integrate it into my wellness practice. I became fascinated by how some oils connected or helped balance specific chakras. 

Moving to heal has been part of my life since I was young. I’ve always enjoyed dance and the energy it gave me, and I started to explore specific movement practices focusing on healing. 

The Body’s Natural Rhythm is to Move! I know that moving through stress or health conditions can heal your body and spirit!

My experience and research in holistic modalities, especially within the healthcare setting, has led to the development of the Chakra Healing/Chakra Dancer Bundle.

Debra Reis, Certified Aromatherapist

Carve out space to tune within and deepen awareness of your chakras with Chakra Healing & ChakraDancer Bundle

  • Receive many creative and fun strategies for healing your chakras

  • Gain ideas on how concerns and conditions can affect your chakras or energy centers and manifest as a physical, mental, or emotional state. 

<<< === Listen to this powerful self-healing story that Tisha shares about how the tools learned in Chakra Healing were beneficial for her neck issues!

Do You Need CE? I’ve Got You Covered!


If you’re a professional health provider, your continuing education is essential.

Contact hours are available for nurses and aromatherapists!

Earn 11 contact hours from Chakra Healing/ChakraDancer bundle to apply for your recertification or licensure.


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The Chakra Healing program is over 8 hours divided into segments, giving each chakra a full hour to describe possible concerns and specific healing techniques, including aromatherapy, movement, and meditation. 


Whether you’re a beginner chakra student or well versed in healing with the chakras, the Chakra Healing course will give you new ideas and strategies for your self-healing or incorporate them into practice.


Verna is a Certified Healing Touch (energy therapy) practitioner. See her testimony on her views for the Chakra Healing course. ⬇️

Debra Reis Chakra Healing Online Course

"I thought I knew almost everything about a Healthy Chakra and Energy System and along comes Debra's course on Chakra Healing! I just finished her 8-week course and learned so much more, with the “Essential Oils for Each Chakra” and the movement incorporating music and dance to make it fun! I feel like I've added so much more for my Healing Practice and Self Care! I would highly recommend you look into any of her courses as I know this will not be my last one!"

Verna L. Besselink, HTCP/I, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor


This course is life-changing! 

"I was most surprised at the immediate results after one session. If you’re looking to bring more harmony, joy, and love into your life, this course is a must! Learning to work with our imaginable body truly helped me bring awareness and connection to my direction in life. Deb’s movement practice helped me really see that which lies in front of me." - Ann Marie
  • Have fun exploring healing experiences to balance your chakras, including movement, meditation, and aromatherapy.

  • Gain tools including the chakra sounds, colors, music, and more that you can quickly bring into your self-care practice. 

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