The Gattefossé Foundation Award: A Grateful Journey

aromatherapy healthcare advancement integrative therapies Oct 21, 2023
The Gattefossé Foundation Award

Life is full of unexpected turns; sometimes, these twists lead us down paths we never thought we'd traverse. One such unforeseen journey was being honored with the Gattefossé Foundation Award.


The Gattefossé Foundation Award

The Gattefossé Foundation is chaired by Sophie Gattefossé-Moyrand, granddaughter of René-Maurice Gattefossé, and directed by Delphine Marchaud. The story of René-Maurice Gattefossé began in 1881 in Lyon, France. He was the third child of five siblings and was surrounded by perfumes from an early age. Later, he spearheaded the movement to bring aromatherapy to the medical community in France. The Foundation is in memory of his legacy and contribution to aromatherapy, a term he created!

The Gattefossé Foundation Award is a prestigious recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significantly to clinical aromatherapy. Gattefossé Foundation aims to promote the scientific and clinical use of essential oils as a complementary therapeutic approach to health. At the heart of integrative medicine, the Foundation is committed, in France and abroad, to developing clinical aromatherapy to improve patient care. In addition, the Foundation is committed to promoting research and innovation in these fields. 


Our Healing Care Team

Our Healing Care team is based at the ProMedica Cancer Care Institute with facilities in Ohio and Michigan, USA 👏. We provide integrative therapies to help patients cope with a diagnosis of cancer as well as treatment side effects such as anxiety, nausea, and low energy. These services are free and available to patients and their families.

In addition, the Healing Care team conducts clinical research studies on aromatherapy and other integrative modalities. We had over 1,200 encounters with patients and families in 2022. We also include aromatherapy for our staff to assist them with balance and focus.


My Unexpected Journey

Receiving the Gattefossé Foundation Award was an unexpected twist in my life's journey. The research I had been passionate about for years led me to discoveries in aromatherapy. 



The subtle energy of plants blends and integrates with human subtle energy to bring about balance and healing. Yes, it involves chemistry, but it goes much deeper into the vibrational frequencies of energy healing.  


Significance of the Award

The Gattefossé Foundation Award represents far more than a shiny plaque or a moment of glory. It signifies the validation of our team’s tireless efforts and commitment to the scientific validation of aromatherapy in clinical practice. The significance of this award extends beyond team recognition and more to the scientific contribution to improving patient care. 


A Catalyst for Gratitude

We are grateful for the international recognition of our work with aromatherapy in cancer care. This award is an opportunity to significantly impact healthcare using supportive therapies like aromatherapy as an integrative part of patient care planning. The acceptance of integrative modalities is through evidence-based study and clinical practice, which this award will foster.

The Gattefosse Foundation award will help our team expand our clinical aromatherapy research and identify opportunities to reduce cancer-related fatigue. Fatigue is the primary complaint for those diagnosed and receiving cancer treatment. We plan to broaden our initial research and identify how aromatherapy may benefit those undergoing radiation therapy, known to cause fatigue and weakness in patients receiving this treatment. We aim to deepen the knowledge and safety of using aromatherapy in the clinical arena. 

Lastly, the Gattefossé Foundation Award has provided a platform to contribute to improving patient care. It's a reminder of the responsibility that comes with recognition—a responsibility to utilize knowledge and resources for the greater good.

In conclusion, we are very thankful for this award and the opportunity to advance scientific knowledge supporting the use of clinical aromatherapy in healthcare systems. This award reminds us of our passion and commitment to pursuing excellence in healthcare.


This blog is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical, mental health, or healthcare advice.  Although Debra Reis is a Clinical Nurse Specialist licensed in the state of Michigan, she is not acting in that capacity here. Debra Reis is working as a holistic educator and consultant, not as a licensed medical health professional or in her professional capacity as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition, or mental or emotional condition. Working with us is not a guarantee of any results. Debra Reis, Wellness Services, LLC owns all copyrights to the materials presented here unless otherwise noted.

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