Inflammation - Cool the Flame With Copaiba Essential Oil

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copaiba tree, essential oil to help reduce inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to injury and was recognized as a medical condition by a Roman physician, Aurelius Cornelius (30 BC - 45 AD).
Inflammation is an immune response to help clear away invading organisms, and pain and swelling are a response to
bring the body back into balance.

Inflammation Balance

There is a delicate balance between hormones to clear out infection and the anti-inflammatory compounds to aid in healing. Inflammation arises from an immune system response out of control. When symptoms of inflammation are not apparent, then the “on” switch is said to be stuck and can lead to chronic concerns.

Imagine you are a teapot left on the stove to simmer continuously. 
This image portrays what is happening inside you with chronic inflammation. The symptoms begin or get noticed in the area of our immune system, which is your gut! This area has the most significant amount of lymph nodes and, therefore, directly correlates to your immune health. Stomach bloating, indigestion, constipation, and reflux are a few early signs that you are in a state of inflammation. Chronic pain, joint stiffness, nerve issues also have their root concern as inflammation! 
Other concerns that may indicate internal inflammation include high cholesterol, weight gain, especially in your midsection, skin condition, and allergies. These all relate to a “fire” within and cannot clear, so symptoms manifest within the body. Many experts believe the root of chronic inflammation begins in the gut.

New Treatment Possibilities for a Global Health Concern

Often, inflammation precedes infection within the body, with antibiotics as the choice of treatment. The contemporary use of antibiotics occurred around the end of the Second World War (McKenna, 2010). Before World War II, plant-based substances like essential oils were used to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

 Consider adding essential oils to your plan to cool the flame of inflammation.

Essential oils contain naturally occurring compounds that can create reactions within your body. One of the most potent anti-inflammatory essential oils is Copaiba (Copaifera Officinalis). 

Copaiba oil is a resinous balsam extracted from the trunk of the Copaiba tree. It contains chemical constituents high in sesquiterpenes. It has a soft, sweet, balsamic aroma. Its resin is silky and smooth to the skin, great for topical use.
Copaiba is high in a chemical constituent called beta-caryophyllene. This constituent has been studied extensively and has anti-inflammatory activity and reduces central and peripheral pain (Basile et al., 1988). Copaiba reduces inflammation and cellular damage that cause tissue death. Copaiba's actions may be in the way that it reduces proinflammatory molecules. Its gentle action makes it perfect for inflamed skin conditions and may promote wound healing. 

In summary, be aware of stressors in your life. Choose a wellness plan that includes healthy foods, exercise, and routine relaxation methods. Integrate your essential oils like Copaiba which has proven anti-inflammatory activity on your body.


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