Balance Burnout in 5 Minutes or Less with Holistic Therapies

balance burnout holistic therapies step Oct 18, 2021

Stress levels have more than tripled in healthcare providers, primarily nurses, since the pandemic. Hospitals are overwhelmed and short-staffed. Nurses are seeing greater deaths in shorter periods of time - related to COVID and Opioids. In some areas, overdose deaths greatly outnumber deaths from COVID.
In a survey of healthcare providers, mostly nurses, 77% reported frustration and feeling overwhelmed; 86% reported having anxiety and 93% stated they were in a constant state of stress. This should be alarming to all!
As stress continues and resources are not effective or utilized, then burnout and job turnover occur. In fact, this report mentioned that 76% of those surveyed identified exhaustion and burnout. High turnover adds greater stress on remaining team members in organizations.

This is Not Healthcare - This is Sick Care!
Emotional exhaustion was the most common concern for healthcare workers with 70% having trouble with sleep. This finding correlates with recent informal questioning done with staff in my own clinical setting. Over 50% of professionals in the survey questioned their career path and/or were considering retirement options. Another alarming fact, almost 50% of nurses stated they did NOT have emotional support! Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system. We have sick and stressed people taking care of sick and stressed patients. This is not healthcare; it is Sick Care!
Where is the Support for Healthcare Providers?
The survey results above are not surprising, yet they are not getting attention, and if anything, they appear to be ignored!
Nurses and other healthcare workers report that they are too busy and too overwhelmed to search for resources and then take time to do the interventions. Employee Assistance Programs exist in most organizations and provide wonderful services. Yet, a large number of nurses, 50% in one survey, say they don’t have emotional support. So, nursing staff are not receiving support for balance and don’t have time for counseling, exercise, and other self-care needs.

Holistic Therapies to Bring You Balance from Chaos in 5 Minutes or Less
Many support services are given to help people deal with their stress like relaxation apps and handouts. However, when you are in chaos, who has time to listen to an app or find that helpful handout? 
What can help? A quick tip that you can bring forward for peace and balance in any setting, at any time, can provide the greatest benefit during the chaos.
Your time and resources are precious. Doing the research and finding the evidence for the best holistic modality can cost you time and money. The Supportive Therapy Engagement Program or S.T.E.P. gives you many quick holistic tools that you can use for yourself or others quickly and bring in the balance and peace from the chaos.

Supportive Therapy Engagement Program to Balance the Burn-Out
 The S.T.E.P. program will give you different options with resources to start immediately for your health and well-being. Finding one strategy and doing it consistently even 5 minutes a day can bring long-lasting benefits. Any major change starts with small steps to bring in greater and more effective results.
Let’s face it. We are dealing with significantly more stress and chaos in our work settings. You may also be dealing with home stressors, family, and maybe co-workers. Perhaps you are not getting enough sleep. Most of us hope for a cohesive work team to help smooth out the chaos. S.T.E.P. has many ideas and tools to bring you balance and calm the space within.

Consider an environment flowing with peace - yes, it’s possible! Reduced noise and harsh lights. Perhaps using tools like breathwork and visualization to calm yourself or an anxious patient. Maybe you use aromatherapy to ease your stress. Or, consider doing some easy movement to ease comfort and tension in your body. All of this and much more is possible with S.T.E.P. 

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