Imaginal Body - Optimize Your Energy Blueprint to Maximize Your Healing

balance energetic healing imaginal body Apr 21, 2022
Your energetic blueprint can affect your physical body

Imaginal Body - Optimize Your Energy Blueprint to Maximize Your Healing

Spiritual healers and masters have stated that we enter this world with a perfect blueprint. We have actual human flaws, but the ideal blueprint remains. If you consider you are an energy being living in a physical body, the blueprint is similar to your energy body. Therefore, the imaginal body is one of subtle energy.

A Blueprint for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Healing  

Do you have chronic discomfort? If the Imaginal Body is your energy blueprint, you can learn to use it to melt away discomfort and pain. Other concerns such as sleep, balance, and anxiety can create a feeling of disharmony within your system. 

When you connect with your imaginal body you will notice subtle results such as greater balance, emotional peace, and spiritual renewal. 

Imaginal body movements are slow and purposeful to help you tune into the energy flow within your body. This action enables you to find, notice, and adjust activities or thoughts that may be contributing to your actual body concerns.*

*Please note that your actual body refers to your physical, emotional, or spiritual body. The body is One with all. 

Imaginal is NOT imaginary. 

Imaginal cells are actual and how scientists describe a caterpillar's transformation into a butterfly.

Think of your physical body containing the effects of stress, injury, and painful memories, while your imaginal body has the blueprint of wholeness and balance. Once your imaginal body is activated, an energy transformation can occur, leading to tangible outcomes such as greater comfort or an increase in flexibility. Perhaps, your imaginal body is an agent for self-correction and even healing. The imaginal body may be an awakening of consciousness within.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

Bob Masters wrote about the healing mysteries of the ancient Egyptians and the Way of the 5 Bodies. The Imaginal Body was one of these 5 bodies and is known as the subtle, double, or kinesthetic body—a place where one can initiate contact with the unconscious. Egyptian healers were familiar with the body’s subtle energy field and used it to guide and heal the actual body.

My Journey with My Imaginal Body

Several years ago, I began my journey with my imaginal body. I was in a workshop with my healing movement mentor, Elaine Valois.

I hadn’t heard of Imaginal bodywork, but I was familiar with energy healing and curious about how this would be integrated with the movement to heal the actual body. 

After completing the workshop, I was intrigued by my results! I felt greater openness in my body and more awareness of healing. I saw a woman who could barely move her arm above her head before the workshop due to a torn rotator cuff. After completing the Imaginal Bodywork workshop, she could raise her arm above her head with grace and ease! Seeing these results and feeling the benefits in my own body took me on my path to learning more. I saw the possibilities for healing repair being endless, including faster physical rehab, greater ways to balance, and overall well-being with tools to continue the healing process.

The Imaginal Body is the energy blueprint of your physical body. Learning to work with your Imaginal Body can help ease discomfort, improve balance, and provide peace and well-being in your actual physical body. You will feel and notice the harmony of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit as you become more aware and “tune in” to how to connect with your imaginal body.


This blog is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical, mental health, or healthcare advice.  Although Debra Reis is a Clinical Nurse Specialist licensed in the state of Michigan, she is not acting in that capacity here. Debra Reis is acting as a holistic educator and consultant, not as a licensed medical health professional or in her professional capacity as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition, or mental or emotional condition. Working with us is not a guarantee of any results. Debra Reis, Wellness Services, LLC owns all copyrights to the materials presented here unless otherwise noted.


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