Integrative Therapies for Nurse Empowerment

Stop Nurse Turnover Hemorrhage

NurseĀ Leaders, Managers, & Administrators

Do You Want to Stop the Nurse Turnover Hemorrhage?

The Supportive Therapy Engagement Program, S.T.E.P., is designed to reduce the hemorrhage of nurse turnover by increasing resiliency, improving morale, and building team cohesiveness.

S.T.E.P. has been created to make a significant difference in reducing nurse turnover by 10%.Ā 

Save money for the administration, an estimated $50,000 per nurse, and reduce reliance on agency staffing.Ā 

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Get a work-life balance using integrative therapies

Nurses, Healthcare CoachesĀ & Providers

Get a Work-Life BalanceĀ Using Integrative Therapies

Supportive Therapies for Better Outcomes

Providing health professionals with simple and effective strategies that use relaxation therapy, aromatherapy,Ā and gentle movement to balance and uplift your patients, your team, and yourself!

Discover the power of scientifically proven integrative therapies to manage pain, discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, and more. Pharmaceuticals are not the only answer!

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Debra Reis
Wellness Services

provides integrative therapy programs, mentoring, and consulting services to increase resiliency, build team cohesiveness and improve morale for Nurses and Nurse Leaders. 

Empower your Nurses and Nurse Leaders with proven tools that create greater team cohesiveness.

Advancing the Use of Aromatherapy in a Clinical Setting

Winner of the 2023 Rene-MauriceĀ GattefossĆ© Prize

Discover 3 Ways to

Overcome Stress and Overwhelm!

After 40+ years in the medical field, I've foundĀ 3 consistently helpful techniques to manage stress and reduce overwhelm... both in your personal life and professionally!

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